Stile Board XPS: The just extruded polystyrene made in Australia

While broadened polystyrene supplies higher versatility and also adaptability, extruded polystyrene supplies higher long-lasting R-values and thermal performance. A resistant and also robust construction product, Stileboard XPS can be utilized across a series of structure and building and construction applications– both property and also business. XPS is suitable for usage on floorings subjected to crafted loads and also continuous website traffic, along with insulation for inverted roofing systems, roof gardens, auto parking decks, perimeter side piece insulation and also as business purlin roof covering spacers.

Features and also benefits of extruded polystyrene

Dimensionally steady, naturally inert as well as moisture immune, extruded polystyrene still maintains its thermal and also physical homes thanks to its high-density cell structure, making it practically unsusceptible water.

All extruded polystyrene Sydney items are manufactured from a fire-retardant resources and do not present as a fire danger when appropriately set up. Like various other natural products, polystyrene will certainly burn when in contact with a flame, but it will certainly self-extinguish when the fire resource is removed.

Product Array

Extruded polystyrene sheets can be utilized to deliver a robust slab edge insulation system, aiding prevent thermal linking around the border of a house, along with under household or commercial concrete slabs to provide additional insulation benefits.

An extremely compressive purlin insulation product that aids with thermal efficiency on business steel deck roof covering applications. Roof spacers are can be customized cut to your particular demands. Lightweight as well as easy to mount, our 100% Australian made roofing spacers has a score that exceeds BCA laws.

Durable, naturally inert and delivering a high compressive stamina, is optimal for inverted roofing systems based on engineered lots or continuous foot website traffic.

Environmental Characteristic

Produced without any cooling agents as well as devoid of HCFCs, extruded polystyrene is a genuinely eco-friendly structure item. You can limit outside temperature influences, decrease internal temperature variations, and in turn, reduce the need for mass air-conditioning and also power usage. Preserving thermal uniformity means less energy is eaten, which results in fewer greenhouse exhausts.
Australian made

Foamex is the only plant in the Australian market that produces and markets Australian made extruded polystyrene. Stileboard XPS is made from excellent quality, virgin resin which makes certain the honesty, security as well as durability of your task. It is necessary to note that imported extruded polystyrene does not constantly offer any kind of guarantees about the quality of product made use of in the manufacturing procedure.

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