Tile Backer Boards: Things to Know before You Buy

For a lot of do-it-yourselfers, tile installation is tough to master. Just after lots of shots do you hone the craft to a great edge. Expert ceramic tile installers have numerous tries as well as they discover on site. Do-it-yourselfers have very couple of shots and are compelled to learn in their very own residences. For these reasons, you need all the aid you can get. Tile backer board is the best tiling assistant that you require.

Tile backer board removes the demand for producing a thick bed of damp mortar under your floor tile. Readily available at most residence centers, ceramic tile backer board is, in essence, a mortar bed that has actually been produced in a factory, dried out, as well as delivered in foreseeable sizes and thicknesses.

Ceramic Tile Backer Board in Sydney Fundamentals

Tile requires a well-founded base, or substratum, to last for many years without fracturing. Not simply any kind of kind of material will certainly work as a substrate, however. Average machine made timber, regular drywall, and also even waterproof drywall include natural components which will certainly weaken in high-moisture environments. The only building product stemmed from organic aspects that does job is plywood, as well as this is chiefly because of plywood’s cross-hatched layers which keep it dimensionally stable.

A much better path is to go with a cementitious ceramic tile base, one that has the high qualities of cement and masonry. Ceramic tile installers have actually commonly produced thick beds of damp mortar as a base for tile; it is a technique that prolongs back to the Roman Empire. Mounting a ceramic tile backer board is an alternative to troweling on these thick layers of mortar as a base. Basically, you are obtaining your troweled-on base, except the majority of the job has been provided for you in a factory. Pre-formed floor tile backer boards not just get rid of the job and also mess of damp mortar beds, they significantly speed up the procedure of floor tile installation since there is no demand to await the mortar to dry.

Floor Tile Backer Board Dimensions

Tile backer board tends to find in a minimal variety of dimensions on the customer market. Generally, expect to locate backer boards at your local residence center that are 3 feet vast by 5 feet long. It is possible to find backer boards that are 4 feet large by 8 feet long. Given that these bigger format backer boards can weigh in unwanted of 75 extra pounds and have sharp edges, manage only with gloves as well as with support from a partner. Because floor tile backer board quickly seams with mesh tape and also a fast swipe of thinset, a lot of do-it-yourselfers will certainly have little need for big backer boards.

The most typical thickness of ceramic tile backer board is 1/2-inch. Quarter-inch as well as 5/8-inch densities can additionally be found. Usage 1/4-inch backer board on curved applications or on upright surfaces such as fireplaces. Use 5/8-inch backer board as a fire-rated material comparable to Type X drywall.

Tile Backer Board Brands


James Hardie Industries makes HardieBacker. Unlike pure cement board, HardieBacker’s fiber is virtually invisibly integrated right into the board, creating cleaner cuts. If you anticipate to apply fiber concrete board in areas of high water volume, such as within a tub or swimming pool, it is advised that you mount an obstacle of 4 mil plastic behind the backer board. For diy tile installers, HardieBacker is easy to use, as its 1-inch by 1-inch grid makes determining easy.


Georgia-Pacific makes DensShield, a cement-glass mat that is up to 5-percent continual filament glass fiber mixed in with gypsum. DensShield is denser than HardieBacker. DensShield is waterproof, removing the demand for a plastic obstacle, plus it is mold and mildew resistant. This makes DensShield a good tile backer for those high-moisture applications: no plastic obstacle needed. If you are comfortable collaborating with drywall, you may locate DensShield to be the best product for you as it quickly ratings as well as snaps with a conventional utility blade.


Custom-made Structure Products produces the tile backer board called Wonderboard. Wonderboard is a coarse material, its cement core greatly interlaced with lengthy fiberglass fibers made to help hold the board with each other. Wonderboard can be cut with an energy blade or with a low-speed power device such as a jigsaw. Wonderboard often tends to crumble easily and must be dealt with gingerly. Wonderboard is typically less costly than HardieBacker, making it more cost-efficient for big installments such as whole-house flooring tile tasks.

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